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Historical breadth datafiles on 37 major stock indexes and 202 highest trade volume ETFs in .csv format.  
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  Dow Jones Industrial Average ".csv" Sample Breadth Datafiles

►  While individual files will always remain available, consider using instead our free downloader program, MasterDATAlink.  "Demo" users download and install the same software as our paid subscribers.  This easily configured program can automatically download or update one, several or all of our  historical composite breadth datafiles with a single click of the mouse or automatically in the background.  Click here to download MasterDATAlink now.  While, as a "Demo" user, this may be overkill for just one index, it will demonstrate the download process to you.  Setup is very easy.
►  You may freely download our sample datafiles using MasterDATAlink or by using the links below.  These sample datafiles for the Dow Jones Industrial Average are always fully up-to-date files and contain all the composite breadth statistics provided our paid subscribers.  Statistics include:
   advancing issues            declining issues
   advancing volume      declining volume
   new one year highs      new one year lows
   constituents above the 200 day moving average      constituents below the 200 day moving average
   many more ... click here for a complete list and an explanation of each
►  Daily data period composite breadth datafiles are posted to the website hourly during the trading session and numerous times after the close to reflect exchange and data vendor price and volume adjustments.  Longer data period datafiles are updated after the close only.  Additionally, longer data period datafiles reflect current day trading even though the period may not be completed.
►  Additionally, links below listed under the Constituents Report heading (green background below right) list all current constituents of each index / ETF.  These constituent lists additionally detail each constituent issue's closing price, net change, volume, trend and numerous other statistics used in compiling the parent index / ETF composite breadth statistics.
►  MasterDATA provides historical composite breadth data on 31 major stock indexes and the 111 highest trade volume Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs).  Click here for the current MasterDATA Compilation List as well as inclusion criteria.
►  For a list of numerous traditional composite indicators that can be calculated with MasterDATA's composite data, click here. (includes a description and formula) Traditional indicators, however, barely scratch the surface.  This method of technical analysis is developing an entirely new approach to trading indexes and ETFs.

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